The sachets

Saszetki są opakowaniem foliowym, termozgrzewalnym z możliwością zadrukowania. Doskonale nadają się do pakowania kilkugramowych dawek suplementów diety.

The sachets are heat-sealable, with printable foil packaging. They are perfect for packaging dietary supplements in doses of several kilograms.

The foil used for the production of sachets ensures excellent barrier properties and protects the product against solar radiation. Due to their high mechanical resistance and very good sealability, the sachets ensure that the product remains permanently sealed.

Owing to the application of laser techniques, the tearing marks make the sachet easy to open.

The large surface of the sachets is perfectly suited for displaying content and graphic elements as regards the dietary supplements.


The capacity of the sachets varies from several grams to several kilograms.

Sachet types: a flat sachet, stick and doypack. 

Saszetki typu stick

Sachets contain (depending on the product) from 1 to 10 grams.

IOC specialises in stick-type sachets.

The dimensions: width of 24 or 36 millimeters (depending on the device). The height depends on the filling, with a minimum of 40 and maximum of 150 millimeters. Thus the dimensions of the smallest sachet we offer are 24 x 40 millimeters, whereas the largest are 36 x 150 millimeters.

The minimum order quantity is 200 thousand sachets with one type of print and filling (e.g. 6,600 packets of a given supplement, each containing 30 sachets).


Sachets can be used to store both powder and liquid products.


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