Product Offer

IOC sp. z o.o. is a young, ambitious manufacturing company that offers products specially designed for multi-level marketing (MLM) distribution.

Years of experience related to manufacturing for the MLM sector gives us insight into the needs of the sector and, in our view, meets the very high demands of this market.

Our products will allow you to make successful sales, because your success is our priority in the process of creating an IOC product line created for companies involved in direct sales and network marketing.


Our products:

  • Are unique – they can be made exclusively for you! (possibility of concluding an exclusive agreement and the possibility of creating a Private Label for you!)
  • The product may be consumed by nearly anyone (except for children under 6 years old – a legal requirement).
  • The product is renewable in terms of sales.
  • The products may have wholesale prices low enough in relation to the list price that it is possible to build a multi-level commission payment plan upon this margin.



Our products are unique on the global market.

We are strong believers in nature, so we do not correct it! There are a number of active substances on the global market which are artificially obtained, reproduced through biotechnology in large modern laboratories on a large scale. Products obtained that way may be profitable, but in our view they are unnatural… 'Natural' for IOC is something that has been created by nature in an unchanged formula, composition and proportion. Hence the word 'native' used in expressions like 'native molecules', i.e. those that have been created by nature… Therefore the content of our substances is also native; we use raw materials that have not been chemically modified in their spatial conformations and chemical structure, because that is how nature wanted them to be. It works, because it is the way nature conceived it.

This also refers to business. We do not want anybody to experiment. The markets of the European Union have seen an explosion of young MLM companies that have based their vertical start-up and instant success on natural products.

According to the opinions of network marketing strategists they are the most interesting products from the wellness sector to have appeared in MLM distribution in the last fifty years. 

Perhaps you have a feeling that your work in MLM is not compensated well enough…

Would you like to have your own MLM based on genuinely and not hypothetically unique products? Products that are cut out for MLM, where merely talking about them makes the emotions stir and distribution structures soar? And most importantly – based on products that defend themselves because they work so well? Products that need not be resold each time because a large percentage of consumers become addicted to them?


If you can imagine the scale of the product potential – contact us as soon as possible!


IOC sp. z o.o. – Contract Manufacturer. Dietary supplements, fortified food, foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses, dietary foods for special medical purposes, cosmetics and raw materials.


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