How to cooperate

Preparation of the supplement recipe together with the quote, according to the guidelines of the expected scope of the supplement effect

The IOC Client already knows the composition of the product that we are about to manufacture as it is meant to be a cheaper equivalent of a product that is already on the market. However, it is we who usually suggest the composition of the dietary supplement. The formula of the dietary supplement in such cases stems from:

  • the suggested scope of activity (including the declared statements of the effect)

  • suggested price (targeted price bracket)

  • method or distribution network of the end product

  • intended market.

After establishing the aforementioned qualities, IOC prepares a suggestion of the supplement composition to be selected. In the case of multi-ingredient products we hand over the suggested compositions for the exclusive use of our Clients. The choice of the composition determines the form of the supplement in most cases.


Selection of the proper form for a given recipe (soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet, sachet, can, liquid (e.g. syrup) and many others)

The form of the dietary supplement is determined by the composition of the supplement. To read more about the forms go to – Forms of dietary supplements.

After determining the size of the order as well as the composition and the form of the supplement, you will receive a full quote for the production supplement and specify the date of service provision. The estimated date of service provision is 8 – 12 weeks.

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