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Since its beginning (2009), IOC company has been strictly and exclusively a contract manufacturer. We based our model on contract manufacturers from the USA, that solely perform this type of services. It varies greatly from the traditional model of manufacturing your own cosmetics in your own plant. We provide a wide range of raw materials and packaging, but our biggest asset is our experience concerning the logistics of running such a business and the knowledge we’ve gained over the years regarding the projects and marketing strategies that have proven to be successful worldwide.

We do not duplicate our own formulations nor do we replicate solutions used in previous projects. Instead, each and every cosmetic we create and introduce is one of a kind and doesn’t have an equivalent on the market – they are unique not only in regards to their base ingredients, but their individual combination of the active ingredients as well. By enforcing this unique and individual approach, we guarantee that each product is exceptional and gives unlimited opportunities in building your own brand and developing your business (the freedom to create your own profit margin).

Our work model defines us as the first Polish contract manufacturer with no brands of its own, focusing solely on the needs of our Contractors. Our variety of products and services in the form of raw materials, packaging, technology, constantly being up to date with innovations in the world of cosmetics, our vast legal knowledge and huge experience in the field of contract manufacturing (as well as sales and marketing strategies) and applying innovative solutions, gives us the tools we need to design premium brands (selective cosmetics).

Our basic range of services includes: designing cosmetics and their packaging (creating formulations, technologies and the brands image – private label and branding), contract manufacturing (service production of cosmetics, commissioned production), selling in bulk and bulk quantities, registering the products and assistance in legal aspects specific to cosmetics market (FDA included), research and testing. We suggest proper marketing strategies that have proved fruitful on the market and share the current trends and knowledge we’ve researched in the world of cosmetics.

Apart from our cosmetics manufacturing site, we also have another one for both dietary and medical food supplements.

Range of Services

  • All Skin Care, Body and Hair Cosmetics (natural and organic also)
  • Dietary and Herbal Supplements, Vitamins
  • Medical Food


ISO: 9001, 22716, GMP, HACCP, GHP, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Contact – Headquarters

(company name) IOC sp. z o.o.
(street) Abrahama 1A/412
(city) Gdańsk
(postal code) 80-307
(region) pomorskie
(country) Poland (EU)

Phone:  +48 587102464
Website: (PL)
European Union VAT identification number: PL9571026227

Call us: Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 16:00 (CET), our current time:

How can we help? Mail to:, call: +48 587102464